College Entrance Preparation:

In partnership with College of Central Florida, Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), youth are provided with assistance to enter college. EOC provides assessment services that include information sessions on post-secondary education, career counseling, financial assistance, and tutoring.

Afterschool Program:

Project Uplift

It is estimated that as many as fifteen million school-aged children leave school each day to return to an empty home. Research has shown that the hours between the end of the school day and the time when parents return from work is a risky time for young people. The number of serious violent crimes committed by juveniles increases during these hours. Unity Family Community Center offers a solution to this problem, as we believe the community is responsible for providing services that will assist youths to improve academically and to live crime-free.

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice awarded Unity Family Community Center grant funds to address juvenile delinquency. The program, Project Uplift, serves children ages 5-17. The program services include academic tutoring, physical fitness, financial literacy and teaches Positive Action, an evidence-based curriculum.

There is no charge for children who wish to participate in Project Uplift. The program hours are Monday-Thursday from 3:00pm-6:00pm. To find out more about the Project Uplift Afterschool Program, please contact LaTarsha Jones, Project Director, at 352-529-2030, or via email at latarsha.ufcc@gmail.com.