JBU (Just Be You) Mentoring Program

The JBU (Just Be You) Mentoring Program is designed to ensure that youth in Levy County have the tools to develop academic, social, and personal skills that are necessary to promote success in school and future endeavors.  The proposed program will benefit the community and the juvenile justice system by decreasing minority overrepresentation at several key stages in the juvenile justice process.

Mentors will be required to spend at least thirty minutes per week with each mentee, along with additional time spent with the family of the child to provide support services to the caregivers, siblings and family.

The program creates specific activities for mentors, youth participants and families to participate collectively.  The motivational activities include token recognition or incentives, and refreshments/food during the activities. Project activities will include community service activities, school activities, recreational and family engagement activities, and reward ceremonies.

The program goal is to reduce the number of African American youth entering the juvenile justice system and increase school performance.

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Program funded by Florida Department of Juvenile Justice,
Office of Prevention and Victim Services, Invest in Children, Contract 10424