The Keeper Till Marriage (KTM) program utilizes both the Making a Difference curriculum, which provides sex and relationship education content in nine areas, and the Choosing the Best curriculum, which offers five age appropriate programs for middle and high school students.

The Making a Difference curriculum addresses the following:

  • Risks (emotional risks, STDs, teen pregnancy)
  • Rewards (decision-making, goal-setting and achievement, marriage planning)
  • Relationship Education (friendships, understanding guys and girls, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, preventing sexual abuse and date rape)
  • Alcohol (dangers of mixing alcohol and sex)
  • Refusal Skills (setting boundaries, developing verbal skills and assertiveness skills)
  • Pledge (making a commitment to abstinence)
  • Character Development (responsibility, self-respect, courage, perseverance, compassion, respect)
  • Parent Involvement (parent training and homework interviews)
  • Building Self-Esteem (identifying and appreciating unique personal qualities, interests and skills)

The Choosing the Best curriculum was selected because it addresses each age group with a different lesson or session and affords different sessions to meet the particular needs of children in specific grade levels.

The Choosing the Best grade level curricula include:  

  • Choosing the Best WAY (grade 6) offers (6) 50-minute sessions
  • Choosing the Best PATH (grade 7) offers (8) 50-minute sessions
  • Choosing the Best LIFE (grade 8) offers (8) 50-minute sessions
  • Choosing the Best JOURNEY (grades 9-10) offers (9) 50-minute lessons
  • Choosing the Best SOUL MATE (grades 11-12) offers (5) 50-minute lessons

All five curricula provide abstinence and relationship education. However, the emphasis of WAY, PATH, LIFE, and JOURNEY is on empowering students to choose abstinence, while SOUL MATE also focuses on teaching valuable relational skills necessary for a successful marriage.

Choosing the Best programs teach students that abstaining from sex as a teenager offers incredible freedom — freedom to pursue goals, dreams, and to enjoy being a teenager — and that sex is wonderful and appropriate in the context of marriage.

Choosing the Best also addresses the needs of students who have already been sexually active by teaching that students can still choose, and benefit from choosing, abstinence from this day forward (“renewed virginity”).

Choosing the Best empowers teens to make healthy choices and remain free from the risks of STDs, unplanned pregnancy and negative emotional consequences, as well as to enjoy the freedom to pursue dreams and goals, regardless of religious preference or conviction.

Serving Levy, Gadsden, Union, Leon, Alachua, Sumter, Lake, and Citrus counties.

Keeper Till Marriage is funded by the Florida Department of Health Office of Adolescent & Health, Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Family Services, Youth and Family Services Bureau, Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP), and Competitive Abstinence Education (CAE).