Teen Pregnancy Prevention

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Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)

As part of the Affordable Care Act, Congress authorized the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP): the first federal funding stream for programs that teach about abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). PREP-funded programs must also cover at least two adult preparation subjects, such as healthy relationships, adolescent development, financial literacy, educational and career success, and healthy life skills.

PREP utilizes the evidenced based curriculum, Promoting Health Among Teens: Comprehensive (PHAT) which build skills to prevent pregnancy, HIV and STDs.  PHAT includes 16 well-defined lessons which clearly emphasize teaching refusal statements, delay statements and alternative actions students can use to avoid unprotected sex. The lessons are designed for 45-minute period.

Prep focuses on three adult preparation subjects:

  1. Healthy Relationships: UFCC implements lessons to show teens how relationships develop, effective ways to communicate, awareness of destructive patterns, managing feelings, and other essential skills, including concepts from PREP. Using an overall wellness approach, the course emphasizes self-awareness, personal growth, self-regulation of emotions and interpersonal success.
  2. Parent-Child Communication: UFCC teaches evidence-based parenting skills, children’s social skills, and family life skills in a program specifically designed for high-risk families. Parents and children participate, both separately and together.
  3. Healthy Life Skills: UFCC utilizes a comprehensive and exciting program to provide adolescents and young teens with the confidence and skills necessary to successfully handle challenging situations. The sessions focus on general social skills and drug resistance skills.

Available in the following counties: Alachua, Brevard, Levy, Marion, Orange, and Union

Program funded by Administration for Children and Families,
Family Youth Services Bureau (FYSB)

 Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

Sexual Risk Avoidance Education implements a targeted and medically accurate evidence-based program to teach youth how to voluntarily refrain from non-marital sexual activity through sexual risk avoidance education for youth ages 11-19.  The purpose of the program is to teach youth to make healthy choices.

The program utilizes the Making a Difference curriculum, which provides sex and relationship education content in nine areas:

  1. Risks (emotional, STDs, teen pregnancy)
  2. Rewards (decision making, goal setting and achievement, marriage planning)
  3. Relationship Education (friendships, understanding guys and girls, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, preventing sexual abuse and date rape)
  4. Alcohol (dangers of mixing alcohol and sex)
  5. Refusal Skills (setting boundaries, developing verbal skills and assertiveness skills)
  6. Pledge (making a commitment to abstinence)
  7. Character Development (responsibility, self-respect, courage, perseverance, compassion, respect)
  8. Parent Involvement (parent training and homework interviews)
  9. Building Self-Esteem (identifying and appreciating unique qualities, interests or skills)

Available in the following counties: Alachua and Levy

Program funded by the Florida Department of Health