Research Specialist

Posted 3 years ago


  1. High Diploma Required
  2. AA Degree or (4) years of experience in research or data analysis
  3. Microsoft Office Proficiency

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Organization skills
  • Quick typing skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Computer savvy
  • Confidentiality
  • Thoroughness

Performance Responsibilities

  • Handle and protect confidential and sensitive data with integrity.
  • Maintains database by entering new and updated student information from sign in sheets and surveys.
  • Prepares source data for compiling and sorting information.
  • Assist staff in design and maintenance of surveys and relational databases; this frequently involves use of Microsoft Excel
  • Establishes entry priorities.
  • Resolves deficiencies by using standard procedures by discussing concerns or issues with supervisor
  • Assist staff in analyzing data in various formats.
  • Assist staff in the design and execution of data for evaluation
  • Produce written and visual materials for program evaluation reports and presentations.
  • Verifies entered data by reviewing, correcting, deleting, or reentering data.
  • Secures information by completing data base backups.
  • Assist in administering program participants surveys at identified sites.
  • Attend sessions with facilitators, when requested
  • Performs routine clerical duties as instructed, if essential to the research activities of the program
  • Other assigned duties

Supervisor: Program Director

Term of Employment: Full-Time, Limited time period (grant funded position)

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