Unity Family Community Center is an approved provider for vocational rehabilitation services to individuals 14-21. These services are designed to help individuals transition into future careers.

Unity Family Community Center Services:

The Future of your Career Starts Here!

Unity Family Community Center Employment Services are designed for individuals 14-21 years of age with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Plan, interested in preparing for their future careers. We are here to help!

Our Services:

  • Supported Employment
  • On-the-job training
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Pre-ETS
  • Mentoring
  • Work Readiness

How do I apply for these services?

To access services offered by Unity Family Community Center, students and parents should:

  • Contact their VR Counselor
  • Request a referral from your school
  • Contact Unity Family Community Center

Career Workshops (TBA)

Our career workshops are designed to provide students with career paths and employment skills.

Dates to be announced


Annie Battles, Project Director
Unity Family Community Center Inc.
20030 NE 23rd Place
Williston, FL 32696