Students Winning and Achieving Goals (SWAG)

S.W.A.G. is a transformative program aimed at reducing juvenile delinquency by nurturing creativity, interest, and self-esteem in youth aged 5-17 in Levy County. We believe in unlocking each student’s potential and guiding them towards achieving their goals.

Serving Counties: Levy

Nurturing Creativity, Interest, and Self-Esteem

Our Program's Curriculum

Our curriculum supports academic success through engaging activities and culturally enriching sessions. We focus on the holistic development of our students, preparing them for a bright future.

💡 Life-Skills

Key to our approach are life-skill sessions addressing important topics like substance use, violence, and other behavioral issues. We aim to improve academic performance, school attendance, and reduce problem behaviors. Our sessions also enhance family dynamics, strengthening parent-child bonds and reducing family conflicts.

📖 Academic Achievement

We provide tutoring in reading, science, math, writing, and language arts, ensuring our students excel academically.

Join Us

Parents, kids, teens, and investors – your involvement can make a huge difference. Whether you’re contributing your time, resources, or financial support, you’re helping us build a stronger, more educated, and resilient community. Together, let’s help our youth achieve their goals!

Discover more about how you can be a part of this impactful journey at Unity Family Community Center.