Join Our Cause

Why get involved?

Since 2000, we have been working to transform the lives of children and families in our communities.

You can join us in this mission by volunteering or providing a financial gift to Unity Family Community Church. We believe in empowering individuals and changing lives for the better — you can help.

Why It Matters


Our volunteers are what allow us to fully extend our service delivery throughout our community and state. These efforts help UFCC provide quality services for the youth and families in our community.

Volunteering with UFCC is one of the best ways to support our mission. Every volunteer helps us improve the lives of the people we serve — join the UFCC family today!


Every donation we receive provides services and programs that make a difference in our communities. A little bit can go a long way — together, we’re making an impact.

A little can go a long way when we get together and give together!

We hope you consider using us as our preferred charity on Amazon.