The L.E.A.P

Mentoring Program

The L.E.A.P (Learn. Engage. Achieve. Participate) Mentoring Program is more than just an initiative; it’s a pathway to success for the youth in Levy County. Our mission is to nurture academic, social, and personal skills, guiding young individuals towards a brighter future. We’re committed to reducing minority overrepresentation in the juvenile justice system, fostering a safer and more equitable community.

Serving Counties: Levy

Learn. Engage. Achieve. Participate

Our Program's Curriculum

At L.E.A.P, we believe in the power of connection. Our mentors dedicate at least thirty minutes weekly to their mentees, focusing on more than just academics. This time is an investment in building lasting relationships, understanding each child’s unique needs and potentials.

Our activities extend beyond mentoring sessions. We offer a range of engaging opportunities, including:

  • Community Service Projects
  • School-Based Activities
  • Recreational Outings
  • Reward and Recognition Ceremonies

These experiences are designed to enrich our youth’s lives, providing a balanced mix of learning, fun, and personal growth.

Join Us

Parents and Teens: Discover a world of opportunities with L.E.A.P. Join us in this journey of learning and growth, where every step forward is a step towards success.

Investors and Donors: Your support can make a significant difference. Contribute to a program that not only changes lives but also shapes the future of our community. Every donation helps us provide better resources, expand our reach, and create a lasting impact.