Sexual Risk Education Program (SRAE)

At UFCC, we’re dedicated to nurturing informed, healthy lives in our youth. Our Sexual Risk Education Program, backed by federal and state support, targets 1,000 young individuals annually across Alachua, Bradford, Gadsden, and Levy counties. Focusing on those aged 10 to 19, we strive to instill in them the wisdom of choosing abstinence and the skills to navigate their futures safely and confidently.

Funded By: US Health and Human Services, Florida Department of Health & Ounce of Prevention

Serving Counties: Alachua, Bradford, Gadsden, Levy

Empowering Youth, Shaping Futures

Our Program's Essence

The SRAE Program is more than just education; it’s a commitment to the growth and safety of our young community members. By enhancing their understanding and skills, we aim to not only educate but also to build a foundation for strong, healthy relationships and positive life choices. Our REAL Essentials component complements this with vital lessons in communication, financial literacy, and mentorship, providing a well-rounded developmental experience.

Who We Serve and Our Goals:
We are proud to serve a diverse group of 1,000 youth annually, aged between 10 and 19, in targeted counties. Our program is centered around three major objectives: firstly, to encourage adolescents to voluntarily choose abstinence; secondly, to enhance the skills of youth in under-resourced communities, helping them focus on their future and avoid high-risk behaviors; and thirdly, to build and strengthen community partnerships, which are crucial in reducing the risks of Teen Pregnancy, STDs, and HIV.

Program Highlights

The SRAE program features the REAL Essentials curriculum, an innovative school and community-based program that builds skills and knowledge for healthy relationships. This curriculum covers everything from personal self-awareness to developing and maintaining healthy interactions, incorporating evidence-based communication and conflict management skills. In addition to relationship education, participants will engage in positive youth development activities, including financial literacy and mentoring.

Your Role

Parents, you can provide your children with the resources they need for a healthy, informed life. Teens, through this program, you will gain valuable insights and tools for making better life choices. Investors, your support can create a significant impact on the lives of young individuals and their communities.

Join us in building a safer, healthier future for our youth. Your involvement, whether through participation or donations, forms the foundation of our success. Let’s embark on this vital journey together.