Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

The Sexual Risk Avoidance Education program teaches youth how to voluntarily refrain from non-marital sexual activity through sexual risk avoidance education. The purpose of the program is to teach youth to make healthy choices.


This program is for youth in Levy County ages 11-19.


The program utilizes the Making a Difference curriculum, which provides sex and relationship education content in eight areas:


emotional, STDs, teen pregnancy


decision making, goal setting and achievement, marriage planning

Relationship Education

friendships, understanding guys and girls, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, preventing sexual abuse and date rape


dangers of mixing alcohol and sex

Refusal Skills

setting boundaries, developing verbal skills and assertiveness skills

Character Development

responsibility, self-respect, courage, perseverance, compassion, respect

Parent Involvement

parent training and homework interviews

Building Self-Esteem

identifying and appreciating unique qualities, interests or skills